artikelnumber: 7409

7 liter pot - lightweight with high feet


• efficient nestable pallet stacking
• colour black
• bottom drainage holes

Looking for a pot for your raspberry or blackberry cultivation? Then this 7 liter pot is extremely suitable. This 7 liter substrate pot type 7409 has a new bottom which ensures efficient nestable stacking. As a result, a larger volume can be stacked per pallet, which saves on transport costs. The 7 liter pot has sufficient drainage holes on the bottom, has 4 drainage grids on the corners, and has raised legs under the pot, so that there is enough space between the bottom and the pot and the risk of diseases is reduced.


Products specifications
Ext. 195 Int. 160
Ext. 195 Int. 160
Ext. 256 Int. 230
1000 x 1200 x 2245