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Mobile field tray | 66-hole

After the introduction of the 12- and 24-hole strawberry tray, there is now also a 66-hole tray for the innovative mobile tray field system. A mobile platform that serves as a covered workshop and in which all cultivation operations are carried out. The platform moves on a rail system above the strawberry plants in our 66-hole trays.

This innovative tray field makes it possible to grow from the ground, without losing space for walkways. In addition, this tray field allows optimal use of the entire surface and can be automated in areas such as fencing, fertilizing, spraying, laying and collecting foil/blackout cloth. Old leaves can also be vacuumed up. This system saves many people work. Furthermore, root growth is stimulated and the risk of diseases is reduced because the trays hang above the ground. 

The cups of this tray have a capacity of 60 cc, this is the most commonly used volume for making a plug plant, also known as a misted tip plant.  

The 66-hole tray is produced from high-quality PP recycled material and is suitable for years of use. Due to the size of the 66-hole tray, it can also be used on existing mobile tray fields where the 12-hole and 24-hole trays are already used. 

Sustainable reuse 
Beekenkamp Verpakkingen develops plastic products made from sustainable PP recycled material suitable for years of use. The tray plate is easily washable and can under certain conditions be disinfected at high temperatures (by means of steaming).

Products specifications
1000 x 1200 x 2490