artikelnumber: 5525

25 liter square pot nestable

  • Colour black.
  • Efficient nestable stacking on pallets
  • Grid base

This new blueberry pot with a volume of 25 litres has an entirely new look. The square 25-litre pot is made using a smarter production method and can be more efficiently nestably stacked. This means that we can stack a larger volume per pallet and save on transport costs. These savings in cost enable us to offer you our new 25-litre pot for a very attractive price. The 25-litre pot has legs providing room between the pot’s base and the ground to reduce the risk of diseases. The 25 litre pot is made of sustainably recycled PP. They are of excellent quality and can be used for a long time.

Products specifications
Ext. 348 Int. 325
Ext. 348 Int. 325
Ext. 338.5 Int. 310
1050 x 1200 x 2000