artikelnumber: 5535

35 liter round pot

  • Colour black.
  • Efficient nestable stacking on pallets


The round 35 litre pot have high foot. This guarantees maximum drainage. The pot also have plenty of drainage capacity due to the open bottom, allowing a maximum amount of water to drain away. This ensures a good root environment, healthy roots and optimal growth. The extra height minimises the risk of roots growing down to the ground and soil diseases. The pot is strong and suitable for years of use. This 35 litre pot has an efficient nestable bottom, which allows many more pots to be stacked on one pallet. This provides considerable savings on transport costs. The pot is excellent value for money. The round 35 litre pots are produced from high quality recycled PP material.


Products specifications
Ext. 370 Int. 340
Boven: 452 Onder: 421
1000 x 1200 x 2450